Lamech Mariita

Lead Analyst
Systems Administrator, Python Developer
8 Years
Personal Experience

Since founding Nextech in 2014, Lamec Mariita has helped turn the company from a group of bright technology minds working with startups into a global Digital Product Engineering Services leader helping SMEs and startup  companies on their innovation agenda. In Lamec’s time as Lead Developer and Director of company, the company has experienced explosive growth in size and revenue – all while developing a culture that fosters engaged employees around innovation.

Lamec is a frequent speaker on the topics of global innovation and digital disruption. He is also an avid cook and is a lingusitic buff. You can find him reading late at night or watching the latest documentaries that keep him late into the night, or trying out new code.

Professional Skills
Early Years

He is an IT services industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes cybersecurity, Python programming, iOS development and automated testing.

He is responsible for all delivery, operations, talent recruitment and management, and information technology. He is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments — enabling growth, consistency, efficiency, and ensuring worldwide operational.

Career Guidelines

He’s enjoyed coding for fun since a young age, but upon starting a career in development found that he also loved leading and enabling projects, teams and individuals. He enjoys teaching and learning, keeping product and technology concerns connected, and combines a keen eye for detail with a pragmatic approach.

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